RAMP Platform

Genbright delivers unparalleled value stacking through our proprietary RAMP platform.

Built by our own wholesale market experts, the RAMP platform provides a virtual handshake between distributed energy resources (DERs) and the wholesale energy marketplace. Through this powerful system, our asset managers track comprehensive real-time data from grid operators, demand forecasts, and load management instructions. Then applying our optimization models, they generate and upload bids, receive dispatches, and provide up-to-date schedules to battery storage and other DERs, extracting more value for the DER investors we serve.

Value-stacking far beyond demand management

DER investors often apply behind-the-meter strategies to capture value through demand management. Genbright provides that—and much more. By providing real-time integration with the wholesale markets through our RAMP platform, we enable DER investors to receive additional revenue streams for capacity, energy, and ancillary services.

Get up and running quickly

Our plug-and-play platform is configured to integrate with a wide range of DER technologies, and can quickly connect those assets with the wholesale marketplace through a flexible API. With Genbright, it's fast and easy to start realizing more value from your DER investments, and no wholesale market expertise is needed on your part.

Maximize value today and tomorrow

The powerful RAMP platform was developed by Genbright experts whose deep understanding of the wholesale energy marketplace comes from decades of experience within the industry. We have inside knowledge of potential revenue opportunities and how to work with grid operators to make it easy for them to dispatch from DERs.

We are committed to continually enhancing the RAMP platform to expand market connections, accommodate new technologies as they emerge, and add functionality to deliver more value to DER investors. With Genbright, you are well positioned to maximize the value of your DER assets now and in the years to come.

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