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Uncover new opportunities for you and your customers with Genbright Advanced DER program.

Easy access to new markets

Breaking into new power markets can be challenging for energy technology manufacturers. Sales ideas that worked in one area may not translate well elsewhere, and incentive programs can vary widely. Through Genbright Advanced DER program, we can uncover opportunities for you, so you can enter new markets quickly and easily.

Stay focused on your core business

Through partnerships with wholesalers and utilities, Genbright integrates your customers' projects to the power markets, and takes full responsibility for buying and selling the distributed energy. We coordinate with all parties, including regulators, every step of the way so you don't have to. You can stay focused on your core business, with no time commitment or special expertise needed on your part.

Fuel more sales

Genbright Select Generation program helps boost your bottom line because we can deliver it at scale across many projects. That's good for wholesalers and utilities too, who can quickly and economically access distributed energy resources to help manage peak and reserve capacity. With the power market on your side, there's nothing standing in the way of your business development.

Eligible projects

Distributed energy technologies include solar, wind, thermal storage, battery storage, load controls, and backup generation suitable for many applications, including data centers, hospitals, grocery, retail, and more.

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