DER Investors

Take the guesswork out of investing in distributed energy resources (DER).

We bring the best opportunities to you

Genbright does the work of sifting through immature distributed energy landscape to identify and cultivate the best investment opportunities. Our proprietary method focuses on high-margin generation projects where power costs are 25% — 50% lower than traditional sources. You can be confident that you are investing only in the projects with attractive commercial potential.

We do the work so you don't have to

Genbright works with all parties, from end-users and OEMs to utilities and regulators, to arrange financing, structure agreements, monetize and commercially manage the energy. And by connecting your DER assets to the wholesale energy markets through our proprietary RAMP platform, we enable you to enjoy unparalleled value-stacking. No additional resources or expertise are needed on your part. Genbright cuts through the barriers to give you unprecedented access to the profit potential of distributed energy.

You enjoy attractive ROI

By investing only in the high-margin projects, you enjoy significant ongoing revenue streams. That gives you faster return on your investments — which in turn enables you to accelerate the pace at which you can profitably invest in distributed energy. And because this turnkey program is scalable across many projects, you can ramp up your investment at the pace you choose.

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