With Genbright, your backup generator and other distributed energy resources (DER) deliver more value today — and forever.

Reduced upfront costs

Genbright helps you control upfront costs in two ways. First, we can help you obtain deep discounts on equipment to lower your overall investment costs. Second, through strategic partnerships we can help you tap into sources of financing that offer lower payments and extended repayment schedules.

No-hassle integration to the grid

To capture all the value of your energy capabilities, Genbright actively manages your participation as a buyer and seller in the complex power markets. Genbright coordinates with utilities, regulators and other industry professionals to fully integrate your energy system to the grid. No resources or special expertise are needed on your part.

Lower energy costs — and access to revenue

Genbright's experts handle your day-to-day power commercialization to optimize the value you get from your investment—from the beginning and forever. By strategically buying and selling power based on market prices, we lower your energy costs. Plus, we can tap into incentive-based revenue streams to further defray your costs.

Eligible projects

Distributed energy technologies include solar, wind, thermal storage, battery storage, load controls, and backup generation suitable for many applications, including data centers, hospitals, grocery, retail, and more.

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