Example Projects

Recent examples of how Genbright optimizes value for DER investors.

Behind the Meter Battery Storage

Maximum value-stacking for a large manufacturer

When a large Massachusetts manufacturer of consumer products sought to contain its energy costs, Genbright was called to partner with a prominent battery system integrator to maximize the value of a new battery storage system. The 1.5MW/3 MWh battery storage project is being funded, in part, by a state-sponsored energy innovation program.

Genbright is optimizing the battery to integrate three energy savings applications with four additional revenue streams from wholesale markets through the use of the RAMP platform, delivering unparalleled value-stacking.

Merchant Battery Storage

Improved return on investment (ROI)

Investors in a 5 MW/10 MWh battery storage project currently under construction in Maine were looking for ways to improve their returns. By working with Genbright, who can readily integrate the project into wholesale energy markets through the RAMP platform, they now can tap into revenue streams in return for four discrete services to grid operators, significantly improving their ROI.

Solar Plus Battery Storage

Integrating solar resources with the grid

Massachusetts is sponsoring a new program to encourage the pairing of battery storage with solar resources. Under this program, a number of investors in new solar projects have turned to Genbright and our RAMP platform to get their projects connected to the wholesale energy markets, optimizing the value of their investments.

Non-Wires Alternatives (Thermal Storage)

Staving off costly infrastructure investments

A residential building boom and a swelling summer population on Nantucket have led to spikes in electricity demand for six to eight weeks each year, potentially requiring the addition of costly energy distribution infrastructure that would otherwise sit idle for the rest of the year. That's why Massachusetts established a program to explore alternate energy solutions.

Under this program, Genbright is partnering with a thermal storage manufacturer to provide behind-the-meter storage to 200 homes. The goal? To eliminate air conditioning demand from participating customers during peak periods, bringing peaks under control. Continual demand forecasting of both storage projects and the grid through our RAMP platform enables Genbright to deploy thermal storage resources at optimal times during the day, helping to avert the need for costly infrastructure projects.

Traditional Demand Response

Two Forms of Compensation for Load Curtailment

A heavy industrial manufacturer was seeking ways to cut its rising power costs. Genbright enrolled the customer in ISO-NE's demand response program to provide significant program revenues for the manufacturer in return for its willingness to shut down for short periods during peak demand. In addition, the grid operator will compensate the manufacturer for lost production through interruption and energy payments in the rare event a shut-down is needed. The program is a win-win for the manufacturer and the grid.

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